Orangeburg Pipe Bursting – Out With The Old In With The New

Orangeburg Pipe Bursting is sometimes the only option for rehabilitating the existing sewer line. Orangeburg pipes are know to collapse quite often, most of it has been in the ground for decades and decades. Matter of fact, its made up of a tar like paper pressed together and there is a lot of it underground. Our sewer repair contractors have been dealing with Orangeburg pipes for a very long time and will continue to deal with it for decades to come. There is still a tremendous amount of this broken sewer pipe underground.

Some of our customers who call in think these pipes can be a good trenchless sewer pipe reline candidate, however if the line is collapsed there is no way to go into the pipe and reline it. This is where trenchless sewer pipe bursting comes in to play. Pipe bursting can easily handle the orangeburg pipe and has no problem bursting a new line in place. Once we have eliminated the old pipe and pulled a brand new pipeline in place the days of dealing with clogged sewers and backups are over.

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