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Sewer Line Replacement Cost is Reduced With New Trenchless Technology.

The traditional method of digging a large trench across your yard to replace your sewer line can be quite costly. When you weigh in factors like having to bring a backhoe in to dig, then having the expense of re-landscaping your yard, repairing walkways, and re-paving your driveway, trenchless sewer repair is clearly a smarter and more economical option.

Typical Costs For Traditional Sewer Repair

The traditional “Dig Up and Replace” residential sewer repair method costs will average between $80-$100 a foot but can run as high as $250 a foot depending on factors like how deep the sewer line is, structures like porches, sheds, garages, or walkways that will need to be removed and then replaced, etc.

Typical Costs For New Trenchless Sewer Repair

Usually, the only people that will pay big bucks for traditional “Dig Up And Replace” sewer repair are those that simply aren’t aware that there is new faster and more economical methods available to them. Here are the two most common types of trenchless sewer repair methods that are now available options to homeowners:

*It is always reccomended to get a few different quotes from your local trenchless contractors

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Relining – this new sewer repair method involves installing a new, seamless liner within the existing sewer line from one small access point and requires virtually no excavation. The average costs for trenchless sewer pipe relining is *between $60-$105 a foot (residential) and because it can be performed without trenching, your yard, patio, walkways, and driveway remain untouched.


*It is always reccomended to get a few different quotes from your local trenchless contractors.

Trenchless Pipe Bursting –this new sewer repair method involves a special machine that breaks up your old sewer pipe while simultaneously pulling in a brand new seamless pipe behind it. The average cost for trenchless sewer pipe bursting ranges *between $50-$95 a foot (residential) and again, this method requires virtually no excavation leaving your landscaping, driveway and structures untouched.

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