Trenchless Sewer Repair – The Only Choice For Smart Sewer Line Repair

Dig up your beautiful yard? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Thanks to new technology, fixing your broken, failing sewer lines is now easier and cheaper than ever before. No need to bring in the backhoe and tear up the yard, your sewer line can now be repaired or replaced underground without disturbing your property.

You Don’t Have To Dig Up Your Yard.

Look out your window. See the beautiful landscape? Let’s keep it that way. The trenchless sewer line repair contractors you will find on this website offer new technology at prices below what it would cost to dig up your yard, tear up your driveway, knock down your porch, or any other structure that may be in the path of your broken sewer line to repair or replace it.

Here’s How it Works:

There are 2 genius types of trenchless sewer line repair, sewer pipe relining and sewer pipe bursting . With a quick sewer camera inspection, your local trenchless sewer line contractor can determine which one is best for you. If your existing sewer line isn’t too destroyed, you can go with sewer pipe relining.

Method 1: Sewer Pipe Relining



This process works through one small access point, either from an existing clean-out access or if this is not an option the contractor will dig small access hole at your sewer line shallow point. A new flexible liner pre-saturated with epoxy resin, is blown through the entire length of your existing sewer line with a special machine. Once in place, a bladder is inserted through the new liner and inflated with hot water to mold the new liner against the interior wall of your existing sewer line. Once cured, (usually about 2-3 hours) the bladder is removed and you are left with a brand new sewer line rated to last for over 50 years. Air tight, water tight, and highly resistant to future leaks, breaks, and root intrusion.

Method 2: Sewer Pipe Bursting

If your sewer line is in really rough shape, severely broken up, or collapsed then sewer pipe bursting is the answer. This process involves digging only 2 small access holes (usually about 3’ x 3’) at each end for the damaged sewer line. A heavy cable is fed through the entire length of the broken sewer line and attached to the front of a cone shaped tool called a bursting head. Behind the bursting head, a brand new seamless high density polyethylene pipe is attached. Using a powerful hydraulic winch, the bursting head is pulled through the old damaged pipe breaking it up while simultaneously pulling the new pipe in behind it. When completed you are left with a super strong sewer pipe again rated to last 50+ years.

Your Yard Is Saved and Your New Sewer Line is Virtually Indestructible

Save Money. Save Time. Save Headaches. Trenchless sewer line repair is the only way to go today. Now that you know about it, why would you ever let a contractor tear up your yard with a backhoe? Use our easy directory to locate your local qualified trenchless sewer line contractor and replace your sewer line the smart way.

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